Guidelines For Critical Book Review Writing

There will always be a time that we are going to be given a task to write a critical book review. It can either be from school, from our editor or a part of our work. For us to write a good review of a book, we have to fist know about the steps and guidelines that we need to follow. This way, we will not have a difficulty in performing the task.Written below are the ways and steps on how we are going to write our very own critical book review:Of course, in order to give a review of a book, we first have to choose what book we are going to review. In some cases, the teacher will give suggest a book for us, but in most cases, we are the ones that has to choose for the book. Once you have one, you are going to study about its title. Write a comment about the title which the author has chosen. Is it appropriate for the book content? Is it relevant in accordance to the story? Write your comments. It doesn’t matter if it be negative or positive comments. When you are reviewing a book, you answer will be based upon your understanding of it. There is no correct or incorrect answer for this.Next thing you need to do is to mention the genre of the book that the author used. This is easy to know if you read the whole of the book. The genres can either be romance, thriller, fantasy, science fiction and so on. Like stated, this is very easy to determine as long as you have read its content.After that, comment on how the opening message went out. Was it a catchy beginning? Write down if it made you read the content of the book with such excitement after reading the opening message. If not, then state it there also. Next is the dialogue. We have to site if the dialogues that were used is appropriate for the story. Was it good? Does the author have chosen the proper choices of words for his characters? Evaluate all of those.After that, say something about the plot of the story of the book. Tell about the theme that the writer used. Site if there were figures of speech that were used, and what kinds are they. Another is he types of speech that has been used. Was the story written persuasively, demonstratively, informative, etc. make sure you tell all about those.Last thing you will be commenting is about the mechanics of the book. Were there any grammatical errors, or misspelled words? Also see if there are punctuations errors and so on. Those are all the guidelines in writing a critical book review.